Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hip To Be Square!

My sixth Scrap Squad project!
When I received the e-mailed pattern of Hip to be Square, of course I started humming the Huey Lewis & The News song "Hip to be Square" nnnnnnnn " Hip to be Square"!
(wait through the ad to hear the song)
I thought this would be the perfect pattern to make for my friend Missie!
Missie likes bright, cute fabrics.
These two plastic bags are my bright, cute scrap collection.  I have often wondered what the other Scrap Squad members pick through and how they store it?  Have any of you been to Hancocks in Paducah and picked through the flat fold tables during the Paducah Quilt Show?!  Very crowded, digging through stacks of flat folded yards and then all the sudden a women wildly waving a piece of fabric in the air and yelling out that she is looking for another piece!  Oh my what fun, well that is how one of my bright, cute scrap bag started.   I have made many quilts out of these two bags, so fabric has been added and subtracted.
I found left over nine patch pieces in my bag and was thinking about using them in this quilt, but decided it was too much black.  I have made two baby quilts with that the black candy fabric and still love it!
I decided to use a dotted background fabric.  I LOVE DOTS!  Most baby quilts I make always include dotted fabric, so you will notice a lot of dotted fabric scraps in this quilt.  Did I mention that also like Pink?

Final Quilt

It has been an honor to have been chosen for the 2011 Scrap Squad with the other seven talented ladies.  I have had fun making all the quilts.  Diane Harris from Quiltmaker has been fun to work with and I appreciate all her help and advise.  I look forward to watching the new Scrap Squad group of 2012! 
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Anonymous said...

I really like this quilt, Linda. Another one to go on my to-do list. Have enjoyed watching you make all of the SS quilts this past year. Donna

Material Girl said...

I have made a quilt this fall with the same Candy Fabric, still have some left too, not sure what I'll do with it, not enough for another quilt I don't think... well maybe a small one or I could use it in a border too I suppose. Love the Hip to be Square pattern, looking forward to the next issue of Quiltmaker!