Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Diamond Jubilee!

OH - what fun I had making this quilt!  Excellent pattern.  It looks complicated but it was easy to make! Pattern by Diana McClun & Laura Nownes.  These two ladies usually have a booth at the Pacific International Quilt Show and I stood in front of the original quilt and fell in love.  I was lucky to find some of the fabric used in the quilt.  Fabric by Art Galley.  Very nice fabrics.

Diana McClun & Laura Nownes are the authors of the Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! books.  In my opinion these are must have books in any quilters library.  Years ago my Quilting Together friends made the the Pine Tree blocks for me and it is one of my favorite quilts, pattern found in their book.

I e-mailed Diana & Laura to tell them how much fun I had making this pattern and Laura wrote me right back which was fun.  Laura wrote in her e-mail that Diana has retired and they will have a special exhibit called "Side Kicks: The Grand Finale" at the Pacific International Quilt Show.  I am looking forward to standing in front of their quilts and to thank these inspirational quilters in person.  I am also glad to hear Laura will still be designing quilts and patterns in the future.

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